Cádomotus Worldcup T2 Triathlon Short Distance Cycling Shoe


Triathlon shoes
Length of shoe inside (mm) EURO size
235 37
241 38
248 39
255 40
261 41
268 42
275 43
281 44
288 45
295 46
301 47


Fast Transitions

This shoe has been developed for and with the help of top triathletes. A well-known problem is the hassle you can experience with transitions. Especially with sprint distances, every second you can save when putting on or taking off your shoes may be critical in order to stay in the leading group or chase it. The high-cut collar of the shoe acting as a shoehorn, your foot will slide right in. It’s also extra reinforced to prevent its folding.

The T2 shoe has several rubberband options to help attach it to your bike. This way, you can choose the most optimal position and set yourself on course for a flying start. The velcro strap of the shoe can be opened as wide as you like, which is also a plus for extra-fast slip-on.


An Efficient Pedal Stroke Without Fastening Your Shoes

You can transfer power to your pedals as soon as your feet are in your shoes, even if your velcro straps aren’t fastened. Quite often, in the hurry of a transition, shoes aren’t tightened efficiently, which results in a huge waste of power. Easily heat moldable, the carbon sole of the Cadomotus T2 wraps snuggly around your foot and thus ensures an efficient pedal stroke, whether your shoe is properly fastened or not. Once moulded, the T2 is an instant perfect fit for your foot, enabling you to optimize every single pedal stroke, which offers you a huge advantage as soon as high power transfers and accelerations are needed, when cycling uphill or in bends for instance.


Improved Aerodynamics and Dry Feet

With its unique shell-like shape, the carbon sole of the T2 wraps around your foot and toe box with edges of about ½ inch, as well as around your heel where it makes one with the counter of the shoe – in the same vein as one-piece speed skating boot designs. Your foot is locked in a shell that brings extra stiffness and response to the shoe. Thanks to its shape, this shell is also significantly thinner, thus even lighter, than the sole of other cycling shoes, which are mainly flat. This enables you to be closer to your pedals, and even to lower your saddle a few millimeters to get an extra aerodynamic advantage! Moreover, with its open upper for optimal ventilation, its mesh lining, and the extracted holes in its carbon shell, the whole design is aimed at helping your wet feet dry as quickly as possible.


A Stiff Carbon Shell Saving You Energy for the Run

The most important part of the shoe is the solid carbon shell-sole, which optimally supports and stabilizes your whole foot, including – and more specifically – your heel bone. While cycling, this well designed support helps relieve unwanted tension in your calves by making you pedal more with your hips and thighs. Hense you save strategic muscles like your calves for the run off the bike, to get the upper hand when you need them the most. To sump up, it’s a shoe that makes you cycle and run faster.

Size range 37-47
Size 42 weight (g) 270
Fit unisex
Shoe width Men F / Women D
Toe lift (mm) 7-9
Heel lift (mm) 10
Upper fabrics microfiber
Liner fabric sandwich mesh
Shell-sole composite 100% carbonfiber
Shoe closure Velcro
Shoe construction 2-piece
Cleat system 3 bolt pattern


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Nero, Bianco


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