ABUS GameChanger


The aerodynamic Abus GameChanger cycling helmet has been developed for professional cycling. The GameChanger helps you to fight the biggest enemy of speed: air resistance. The engineers and developers used the experiences of the Movistar Team for the development of this helmet.


Looking at your cycling computer or a few corners ahead during a descent. The GameChanger has optimal aerodynamics no matter your head’s position. The “Forced Air Cooling” technology creates an airstream which ensures an optimal temperature under the helmet. With the aerodynamic FlowStraps and the Zoom Ace adjustment system you can achieve a perfect fit. With the useful AirPort openings in the GameChanger you can put away your cycling glasses quickly and easily.


Multi Position Design
The innovative Multi Position Design leads to a significant reduction of head-on air resistance in all circumstances. The aerodynamic design optimizes the air stream around the head for all angles that typically occur when riding a road bike. The helmet has a head-on air resistance which is 23% lower than that of the current top helmet.

Forced Air Cooling Technology
A perfect temperature regulation for the head is only possible if all air channels are effectively connected with each other. The advanced Forced Air Cooling Technology leads incoming air around the head and ensures a comfortable temperature when wearing the helmet.

The AirPort at the back of the GameChanger has two big advantages: You can safely put away your cycling glasses in the channels along the temples, and if put away this way, the glasses become a part of the helmet’s design which ensures important aerodynamic advantages when fighting the wind.

Zoom Ace
Zoom Ace is the adjustment system with an adjustment wheel for an individual fit.

FlowStraps – for ultimate comfort. The chin strap is the definition of adjustability – special adjustment is not needed anymore. No more whistling sounds and flapping in the wind thanks to the specially designed straps. The FlowStraps are

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S (51-55 cm), M (52-58 cm), L (58-61 cm)