Cádomotus Hybrid Transition Bag – 40L/55L


This bag is our Jack of All Trades. A backpack on your way to practice, a carry-on suitcase at the airport, for dry and wet clothing: with the Hybrid you can go anywhere.

Bring all your stuff
With the Hybrid, you can go places. You can use it as a sports bag for practice and races when you want to keep your gear organized. The Hybrid has separate compartments for your dry clothes, a sturdy, easy to clean pocket for your wet gear, and your dirty shoes, for example, go on the outside. When you are travelling, you can use the Hybrid as a carry-on bag as it has the standard carry-on luggage dimensions. With its volume of 55 litres, you can bring a surprising amount of gear. The Hybrid has three compartments on the inside. You can transform those compartments into one bigger space so you can store larger items. Your helmet goes on the outside. Tucked away behind a zipper, you can find a mesh helmet pocket, which you can use to attach the helmet safely to your bag. You can even bring a laptop, which you can store in the padded laptop pouch.

Trolley and backpack
The Hybrid has a robust design with a reinforced bottom, and thanks to its waterproof materials, you don’t have to hold back in the rain. If you are in a hurry at the airport or riding your bike to practice, you can use the Hybrid as a backpack as well. The shoulder straps are hidden but are easy to reach if you want to switch from trolley to backpack. The padded shoulder straps make this bag comfortable to carry on your back.

For sports venue and airport
The adjustable compartments help you to store your gear easily and accessible. It has several secured pockets for valuables like your phone, transponders or keys. It is a bag that you can bring to a sports venue as well as the airport. You can roll it or run with it. You can neatly store your gear, and it is easy to clean. Are you looking for a bag that is easy to use, you can bring on your bike, but you also like the comfort of a carry-on spinner? The Hybrid is the right choice for you.

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