Cádomotus Versatile 2.0 Rainproof Race Day Bag – 35L/50L


The name says it all. This bag is versatile. Strong, spacious and very practical. The Versatile 2.0 is an indestructible, lightweight bag with a surprisingly lot of room inside and handy pockets on the outside. It can carry everything you need to perform your best.

Waterproof and heavy-duty zippers
This bag is waterproof, wear-resistant and practically indestructible. You can leave it on the muddy side of the track because water can’t get in, and the smooth material is easy to clean. The heavy-duty zippers, seams and closures are made to last. The Versatile 2.0 is durable and made of 80 percent recycled material.

Keep wet and dry clothes separate
The Versatile 2.0 is bigger than you think it is just by looking at it. With 35 litres you can bring anything you want. After a workout or a race, you can store your wet clothing, towels or your wetsuit in a separate pocket. If you have gear that you don’t want to put inside your bag, like your dirty shoes, you can easily carry them on the outside. You can also put your helmet and water bottles there. Still not enough room for all your stuff? You can create extra room, by opening the zipper at the bottom of your bag to expand the bottom compartment, which gives you an extra 15 litres to fill. This is the place where you can put an extra pair of shoes or a wetsuit.

The bag features handy pockets on the outside of your bag for your mobile phone, transponder, wallet and other important items. You can easily find them without unpacking your bag first.

The Versatile 2.0 is lighter than its predecessor but just as strong. A new feature is the ‘backdoor opening’, which gives you better access to all your stuff inside.

Take this bag anywhere you like. You can hardly feel you are carrying it. The hip belt keeps the bag stable on your back, even when you’re riding your bike. Do you like multiple sports, like swimming, biking and running? This is the bag for you. There is even room for larger items like a kicking board, fins or a massage roller.

This bag will give you a lot of joy. It fits everything you need and is easy to clean. The perfect bag for the active outdoor athlete.

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