Cádomotus World Cup Race Day Bag – 60L


Whether you take the car or a plane, go to a multiple-day sports event or on a holiday trip: the World Cup Race Day Bag makes things easier for you. This bag helps you to stay organized. Everything has a designated spot: your gear, laptop, clothes and sunglasses. Travel stress-free with the World Cup Race Day Bag.

Everything organized
When you are at a multiday sports event, you want to have quick and easy access to your gear, without having to unpack your whole bag all the time. You need to keep your focus on your performance and you don’t want to stress about a missing piece of gear or clothing. It is a bit too much to say that our bag will enhance your performance, but keeping your gear organized will keep your mind at ease so you can save your energy for your race.

Our World Cup Race Day Bag has an extraordinary logical internal layout. It has a sturdy and easy-to-clean compartment at the bottom for your wet clothes, wetsuit, towels or shoes. A large compartment for your clothes and gear. A separate pocket for your helmet. Pockets for your papers, transponders, tools and even your laptop, and also a velvet pocket with a combination lock for your phone, sunglasses, wallet and other valuables.

Suitcase and sports bag in one
The World Cup Race Day Bag is a perfect mix of a suitcase and a sports bag. The double zipper system allows you to pack and unpack your bag from the top, like a classic sports bag, which is easy at sports events. You can also use open this bag like a suitcase. A Velcro system helps you to make your own internal layout. It makes it easier to fit everything in and store your gear secure and safe.

Travel, sports and holiday
You can take this all-around bag everywhere. Bring it to a sports event and once you’re there, make a new internal layout for your daily use. You can wear the World Cup Race Day Bag comfortably on your back and use the extra hip belt if needed. It is also a bag that comes in handy when you go on a holiday. You can bring all your holiday essentials, and there is room for your sports gear as well.

This is the ideal bag for (inline) skaters, who can store their (inline) skates safely in a reinforced pocket, and triathletes. Do you have a lot of gear and want to keep everything organized? This is the bag for you!

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